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New generation icinac Analyzers – Lactic Acid meters

KPM Analytics / AMS recently launched its latest iCinac Wireless Acidification Analyzer. Available in both wireless and wired versions, the iCinac is used to study, develop or assess starter cultures related to food fermentation. It is the only multi-channel solution that uses probes with three parameters (pH, temperature, redox) for real-time, multi-sample and multi-parameter monitoring of the acidification process. The recently updated wireless version allows users to quickly set up the system without the limitation of power and signal cables. The new wireless version is available up to 16 channels and complies with ISO 26323/IDF 213 standards. The user-friendly application specific software assesses the lactic acid forming activity for effective process development and process control applications. The latest wireless improvements   version include doubling battery life, faster charging and the latest 2.4GHz wireless communication technology for more reliable operation. “The new wireless iCinac system expands our iCinac series to meet the growing number of applications for our customers outside of dairy applications. Now we are also seeing meat, fish, fruit, vegetable, wine and other product applications, which is exciting,” said Stefano Corradi, General Manager of AMS Alliance, a brand of KPM Analytics. “This latest version of our iCinac Wireless Analyzer provides our agri-food customers with a modular and scalable solution that gives them the insight they need for accurate development, testing and process control of fermentation ingredients.   See here  a video and see more information about the iCinac wireless and  Icinac bedraad.

Nieuwsbrief in het Nederlands
Newsletter in English

M.C. TEC has a new product catalog for the pulp-, paper & cardboard industry

M.C. TEC offers top quality instruments for many measurements and analyses that are needed in the pulp, paper, board & packaging industry.

Our instruments are used in the laboratory, at-line and online at the
production line. We are especially proud of our sophisticated “modular line” instruments, which can be used as stand-alone instruments, but also can be connected together in our automated test line.

All our instruments are built to the highest quality standards with the best materials. Our team of experts makes it possible to offer solutions instead of “just” instruments. Our dedicated support team is committed to provide the best service and support and we offer on-site installation, commissioning, training, certification, maintenance and repair services. Whether at your site or in our fully equipped workshop, service is not simply another department, it is the way we do things.

This brochure gives an overview of a selection of our product range. If you can ‘t find the instrument that you need please don’t hesitate to contact us because we are continuously developing new instruments and it very well
possible that we can deliver the instrument that you need.

You can download the brochure by clicking here.

M.C. TEC at Solids exhibition Antwerpen 2018

Companies specialising in processing, storage and transport of dry bulk goods will present their innovations on the 17th and 18th of October 2018 at Solids Antwerp. This exhibition is part of the Solids European Series: the leading trade fairs focusing on the powder industry and bulk industry.

Solids Antwerp is the only trade fair in Belgium for the entire bulk sector. This successful two-day network platform takes place in Antwerp Expo for the tenth time.

At  this show we will present our moisture measurement solutions in addition to brix and concentration measurements.

We would be happy to discuss any process and measurement challenges you might have which we can potentially help you with, and are always interested to receive feedback regarding the operation of existing equipment and industry specific news.   We will  be exhibiting  and demonstrating  various devices at this show so very much hope you will find time to  visit us at our stand (A028)!

Free entrance ticket? Click on this link!

Newsletter in Dutch: Nieuwsbrief MCTEC 2018-01

Newsletter in English: Newsletter MCTEC 2018-01

M.C. TEC at Solids Rotterdam, Powtech Nürnberg & Global Gypsum Poland

The coming weeks M.C. TEC will be present at the Solids exhibition in Rotterdam and together with our partners we wil also participate at Powtech in Nürnberg, Germany and at Global Gypsum in Krakow, Poland. We invite you to visit us at these shows…

Companies which are specialized in processing, storage and transport of dry bulk goods will present their innovations on the 4th and 5th of October 2017 at Solids Rotterdam. This exhibition is part of the Solids European Series: the leading trade fairs focusing on the powder industry and bulk industry.

Solids Rotterdam is the only trade fair in The Netherlands for the entire bulk sector. This successful two-day network platform takes place in Rotterdam Ahoy for the seventh time.

On this show we will present our solutions of moisture measurements, brix and concentration measurements and radiation measurement equipment.

We would be happy to tell you about our projects and our possibilities. We will demonstrate various devices at this show and you are invited to visit us at our booth C113.

Clich here for a free entrance ticket.

Newsletter in English: Newsletter 2017-02

Newsletter in Dutch: Nieuwsbrief 2017-02

Industrial Processing 2016


Industrial Processing (booth 12F123)

Industrial Processing is the largest business exhibition for the “wet” and “dry” process industry in the Benelux. We invite you to visit this exhibition to see the latest developments.

The Industrial Processing exhibition is important for us in the field of moisture measurement and also for our solutions in brix- and concentration measurement. We also demonstrate our instruments for radiation measurement and paper and cardboard testing here. Click on the Industrial Processing logo above to get more information about this exhibition and for a free admittance ticket.



Maselli Refractometers

The refractometers from Maselli are represented by us in the Benelux countries and a variety of key producers are using the systems of Maselli. The refractometers of Maselli distinguish themselves in accuracy, quality and reliability. This year a number of new systems are introduced. The BA03 “Inline Beer Analyzer”, the IB07 “Inline Beverage Analyzer” and the IB08 “ Inline Beverage Analyzer” special for “light” beverage. Also the UC07 “Inline CO-2 Analyzer” is a new development. Through the newsletter below you get access to detailed information and specifications of these new instruments.

From 25 – 28 October Maselli participate in the Cibus Tec exhibition in Parma, Italy) and from 8 – 10 November on the Brau exhibition in Nuremberg, Germany On both exhibitions a wide range of the Maselli instruments will be demonstrated.

Newsletter 2016-03

Recycling exhibition 2015

The Recycling exhibition 2015 in Gorinchem takes place in the period from 3 – 5 November. During this exhibition we present our solutions for radiation measurement and nuclear detection. We also present our solutions for XRF element analyses and moisture measurement. The exhibition is open during these 3 days from 13.00 – 21.00. We would be delighted if we could meet you there. On your request we can send you free entrance tickets or you can register for a free entrance by clicking on the link below. Visit us on booth 352!

Click here for more information about this exhibition. Register for a free entrance here.

Download here the newsletter about this item: Newsletter MC TEC 2015-04

Solids exhibition 2015 Rotterdam

Solids is THE network event for the bulk industry for technology and processing of dry goods and solids. From the process industry innovations and solutions that are suitable for this industry are shown.

On this exhibition we show our solutions and instruments for this industry. We present our solution for moisture measurement, concentration measurement, radiation technology and our XRF element analysers.

Click on the Solids logo for more information about this exhibition. Click here for a free entrance ticket.

Newsletter MCTEC 2015-03


Retirement Hans Vonk per 28th of August 2015

After working more than 40 years for Hans Vonk the time has come to enjoy his retirement. Hans started in 1974 and has specialized himself during his career in NIR spectrum analyses (technology used in our moisture sensors) and in de paper testing instruments that we supply. Hans had an important contribution in the development of M.C. TEC BV and was always focussed on customer satisfaction. Hans was a motivated, reliable, hard-working and social colleague and he will surely be missed. We are grateful for what he has contributed and wish him all the best for the future.

Management & staff M.C. TEC BV

Note: Hans his activities are being taken over by Remko van der Leeden ( for the moisture measurement equipment and by Richard Prins ( for the paper testing instruments.

Personal message from Hans Vonk: “Due to the holiday period I wasn’t able to say goodbye to everybody. I would like to thank you for all the nice contacts. I hope that the relationship with M.C. TEC will be expanded in the future. I wish everybody all the best for the future.

Thanks again for the nice contacts and goodbye.”

Hans Vonk