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Solids exhibition 2015 Rotterdam

Solids is THE network event for the bulk industry for technology and processing of dry goods and solids. From the process industry innovations and solutions that are suitable for this industry are shown.

On this exhibition we show our solutions and instruments for this industry. We present our solution for moisture measurement, concentration measurement, radiation technology and our XRF element analysers.

Click on the Solids logo for more information about this exhibition. Click here for a free entrance ticket.

Newsletter MCTEC 2015-03


Retirement Hans Vonk per 28th of August 2015

After working more than 40 years for Hans Vonk the time has come to enjoy his retirement. Hans started in 1974 and has specialized himself during his career in NIR spectrum analyses (technology used in our moisture sensors) and in de paper testing instruments that we supply. Hans had an important contribution in the development of M.C. TEC BV and was always focussed on customer satisfaction. Hans was a motivated, reliable, hard-working and social colleague and he will surely be missed. We are grateful for what he has contributed and wish him all the best for the future.

Management & staff M.C. TEC BV

Note: Hans his activities are being taken over by Remko van der Leeden ( for the moisture measurement equipment and by Richard Prins ( for the paper testing instruments.

Personal message from Hans Vonk: “Due to the holiday period I wasn’t able to say goodbye to everybody. I would like to thank you for all the nice contacts. I hope that the relationship with M.C. TEC will be expanded in the future. I wish everybody all the best for the future.

Thanks again for the nice contacts and goodbye.”

Hans Vonk