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Radiation Monitor AT1117M (Dosimeter)

AT1117M Portable combined multifunction radiation monitor is designed for measuring X-ray, gamma and neutron radiation ambient dose equivalent and ambient dose equivalent rate, alpha and beta radiation surface activity and flux density from contaminated surfaces, and neutron radiation flux density.

Product specifications

X and gamma radiation  
            PU, PU2 Geiger-Muller counter tube
            BDKR-01 NaI(TI), Ø9×2 mm
            BDKG-01, BDKG-17, BDPS-02 Geiger-Muller counter tube
            BDKG-03 NaI(TI), Ø25×40 mm
            BDKG-04 Scintillation plastic, Ø30×15 mm
            BDKG-05 NaI(TI), Ø40×40 mm
            BDKG-11 NaI(TI), Ø63×63 mm
Neutron radiation  
            BDKN-01, BDKN-03 3He proportional counter in a polyethylene moderator
Alpha and beta radiation  
            BDPA-01 ZnS(Ag), 30 cm2 surface area
            BDPA-02 ZnS(Ag), 100 cm2 surface area
            BDPB-01 Scintillation plastic, 30 cm2 surface area
            BDPB-02 Scintillation plastic, 100 cm2 surface area
Measurement range of ambient radiation dose rate equivalent  
            PU, PU2 1 µSv/h…10 mSv/h
            BDKR-01 0.05 µSv/h…100 µSv/h
            BDKG-01 0.1 µSv/h…10 Sv/h
            BDKG-03 0.03 µSv/h…300 µSv/h
            BDKG-04 0.05 µSv/h…10 Sv/h
            BDKG-05 0.03 µSv/h…100 µSv/h
            BDKG-11 0.01 µSv/h…100 µSv/h
            BDKG-17 1 mSv/h…100 Sv/h
            BDPS-02 0.1 µSv/h…30 mSv/h
            BDKN-01 (from Pu-Be sources) 0.1 µSv/h…10 mSv/h
            BDKN-03 (0.025 eV…14 MeV) 0.1 µSv/h…10 mSv/h
Measurement range of ambient radiation dose equivalent  
            PU, PU2 1 µSv…1 Sv
            BDKR-01 0.05 µSv…5 mSv
            BDKG-01 0.1 µSv…10 Sv
            BDKG-03 0.03 µSv…1 Sv
            BDKG-04 0.05 µSv…10 Sv
            BDKG-05 0.03 µSv…0.3 Sv
            BDKG-11 0.01 µSv…0.3 Sv
            BDKG-17 1 µSv…100 Sv
            BDPS-02 0.1 µSv…1 Sv
            BDKN-01 (from Pu-Be sources) 0.1 µSv…10 Sv
            BDKN-03 (0.025 eV…14 MeV) 0.1 µSv…10 Sv
Measurement range for:  
Neutron flux density measurement  
            BDKN-01, BDKN-03 0.1…1·104 neutron/(s·cm2)
Surface alpha particles flux density  
            BDPA-01 0.1…1·105 particle/(min·cm2)
            BDPA-02 0.05…5·104 particle/(min·cm2)
            BDPS-02 2.4…1·106 particle/(min·cm2)
239Pu surface activity  
            BDPA-01 3.4·10-3 Bq·cm-2…3.4·103 Bq·cm-2
            BDPA-02 1.7·10-3 Bq·cm-2…1.7·103 Bq·cm-2
Surface beta particles flux density  
            BDPB-01 1…5·105 particle/(min·cm2)
            BDPB-02 0.5…1.5·105 particle/(min·cm2)
            BDPS-02 6…1·106 particle/(min·cm2)
90Sr + 90Y surface activity  
            BDPB-01 4.4·10-2 Bq·cm-2…2.2·104 Bq cm-2
            BDPB-02 2.2·10-2 Bq·cm-2…0.66·104 Bq cm-2
Energy range  
X and gamma radiation  
            BDKR-01 5 keV…160 keV
            BDKG-03, BDKG-05, BDKG-11 50 keV…3 MeV
            BDKG-04 15 keV…3 MeV
            BDPS-02 20 keV…3 MeV
            PU, PU2, BDKG-01, BDKG-17 60 keV…3 MeV
Registered beta particles  
            BDPB-01, BDPB-02, BDPS-02 155 keV…3.5 MeV
Registered neutrons  
            BDKN-01, BDKN-03 0.025 eV…14 MeV
To 137Cs source gamma radiation  
            PU, PU2 1.0 cps/µSv·h-1
            BDKG-01 4.0 cps/µSv·h-1
            BDKG-03 350 cps/µSv·h-1
            BDKG-04 70 cps/µSv·h-1
            BDKG-05 760 cps/µSv·h-1
            BDKG-11 1960 cps/µSv·h-1
            BDKG-17 5 cps/mSv·h-1
            BDPS-02 6.6 cps/µSv·h-1
To 241Am source gamma radiation  
            BDKR-01 400 cps/µSv·h-1
To 239Pu source alpha radiation  
            BDPA-01 0.15 cps/(particles·min-1·cm-2)
            BDPA-02 0.75 cps/(particles·min-1·cm-2)
            BDPS-02 0.015 cps/(particles·min-1·cm-2)
To 90Sr + 90Y source beta radiation  
            BDPB-01 0.3 cps/(particles·min-1·cm-2)
            BDPB-02 0.9 cps/(particles·min-1·cm-2)
            BDPS-02 0.12 cps/(particles·min-1·cm-2)
To Pu-Be source neutron radiation  
            BDKN-01 1.15 cps/(neutrons·s-1·cm-2)
            BDKN-03 1.5 cps/(neutrons·s-1·cm-2)
Intrinsic relative error of gamma radiation dose rate and flux density measurement ±20% max.
Continuous run time ≥24 h
Protection class IP64
Power supply from +6V rechargeable cells Ni-MH rechargeable cells
Working temperature range -30°С…+50°С
Relative humidity with air temperature ≤35°C without condensation ≤95%
Overall dimensions, weight  
            PU 177x85x124 mm, 1.1 kg
            PU2 200x85x36 mm, 0.5 kg
            BDKG-01 Ø54×255 mm, 0.4 kg
            BDKG-03 Ø60×295 mm, 0.6 kg
            BDKG-04 Ø60×200 mm, 0.5 kg
            BDKG-05 Ø60×320 mm, 1.2 kg
            BDKG-11 Ø78×350 mm, 1.9 kg
            BDKG-17 Ø54×167 mm, 0.3 kg
            BDPA-01, BDPB-01 Ø80×196 mm, 0.5 kg
            BDPA-02, BDPB-02 Ø137×230 mm, 0.7 kg
            BDPS-02 138x86x60 mm, 0.3 kg
            BDKR-01 Ø60×260 mm, 0.5 kg
            BDKN-01 Ø90×290 mm, 2.0 kg
            BDKN-03 314x220x263 mm, 7.8 kg