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BA01 Bier Analyzer

De BA01 Beer Analyzer bestaat uit een multifunctioneel analyse systeem die direct geïnstalleerd wordt op de proceslijn. De controller wordt geplaatst op de muur, de vloer of in een panel. Het online analyse-systeem meet continu de: brekingsindex, geluidssnelheid en de temperatuur van het product. De MR02-ontvanger maakt gebruik van deze metingen om de alcohol, extract en ° Plato te berekenen en geeft de waarden weer en waarschuwt bij alarm condities.



The Maselli model BA01 Beer Analyzer consists of a multifunction analysis system installed directly on the process line, and a receiver mounted on the wall, the floor or in a panel. The on-line analysis system continuously measures the: refractive index, sound velocity and temperature of the product. The MR02 receiver uses these measurements to compute the alcohol, real extract and °Plato, displays the values and warns of alarm conditions. The receiver offers both mA and serial outputs, and communicates with Maselli’s optional Mlab data acquisition and remote control software. The Beer Analyzer incorporates modern technologies, including:

  • Microprocessor-based CPU
  • Powerful I/O card
  • High accuracy refractometer
  • High resolution sonic analyzer

The MR02 receiver membrane faceplate includes a backlit liquid crystal display and input keypad. It is possible to customize each of the system’s functions and alarms in the process area, either from the local keypad or remotely through the RS232/422/485 serial port. The serial output also allows long distance trouble shooting using a personal computer with modem and special software. The Maselli Beer Analyzer is easily installed on-line using standard sanitary Varivent® fittings.

Technical features

Application: Measurement of alcoholic drinks or/and beer in process lines.
ALCOHOL measurement: Alcohol: 0…10% w/w; ±0.02 w/wReal Extracts: 0…30 Ew; ±0.05 EwOriginal Extracts: 0…30 °Plato; ±0.05 °Plato
CO2 measurement (optional): 0…5 v/v (0…10 g/l); ±0.05 v/v (±0.1 g/l)
Product temperature: -5°C…+90°C [+23 °F…+194 °F]
with automatic compensation by means of a Pt100 temperature probe
Power Supply: AC 24V ±10%, 50…60Hz, 50VADC 24V ±10%, 50…60Hz, 50VAAC 115/230V ±10% 50…60Hz 80VA (Optional)