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IB05 Frisdrank Analyse Systeem

Het IB05 systeem is gedurende vele jaren samenwerking met de internationale frisdrankenindustrie ontwikkeld. De IB05 meet volcontinu in-line de concentratie en carbonatatie van vloeistoffen zonder toegevoegde suikers en “light” producten. Optionele metingen omvatten suikerinversie,% alcohol en opgeloste zuurstof. De IB05 kan volledig worden geïntegreerd voor het mengen en vullen.



The Maselli IB05 system has been developed over many years of experience and collaboration with the international soft drinks industry. The IB05 measures continuously in-line the concentration and carbonation of regular, no added sugar and diet products. Optional measurements include sugar inversion, % alcohol and dissolved oxygen. Designed for reliable operation in the demanding environment of the soft drinks plant, the IB05 can be fully integrated with the blending and filling process. The IB05 is the heart of the BAS02 monitoring and control system that provides brix and CO2 control, remote display and monitoring, data acquisition, and QA reporting.

 Technical features

Application: Measurement of regular or diet carbonated drinks, alcoholic drinks, non-carbonated drinks, mineral water, in process lines.
Concentration measurement: 0…18.5 Brix for “REGULAR” Scale; 0.1% of the scale range, maximum accuracy ±0.02 Brix with ±10 °C (±18 °F) variation.
0…2000mBrix for “DIET” Scale; 0.15% of the scale range, maximum Accuracy ±0.003Brix with ±2.5°C (±3.6°F) variation.
CO2 measurement: 0…5 v/v (0…10 g/l); ±0.05 v/v (±0.1 g/l)
ALCOHOL measurement: Alcohol: 0…13% w/w; ±0.02 w/w
OXYGEN measurement (optional): 0…10 ppm; ± 0.01 ppm
pH measurement (optional): 2…10 pH; ± 0.05 pH
Product temperature: -5 °C…+35 °C [+23 °F…+95 °F]
(-5 °C…+90 °C [+23 °F…+194 °F] for “Regular” scale sugared drinks) with automatic compensation of sugar concentration by means of a Pt1000 temperature probe
Power Supply: AC 3/PE 230/400V ±10% 50Hz ±2% 1000VA
AC 3/PE 460V ±10% 60Hz ±2% 1000VA