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IB08 Frisdrank Analyse Systeem

Het IB08 frisdrank analyse systeem is gedurende vele jaren samenwerking met de internationale frisdrankenindustrie ontwikkeld. De IB08 meet volcontinu in-line de concentratie en carbonatie van vloeistoffen zonder toegevoegde suikers en “light” producten. Optionele metingen omvatten suikerinversie,% alcohol en opgeloste zuurstof. De IB08 kan volledig worden geïntegreerd in het automatiseringssysteem van de lijn.



The Maselli IB08 beverage analyzer is a complete inline quality control system. The analyzer measures carbonated soft drink (Brix, Diet, CO2 and O2) as well flavored waters. The analyzer is based on optical technology and is virtually maintenance free. The Brix and Diet readings are measured via refractive index and infrared technology is used for measuring CO2 (pressure / temperature CO2 sensor is also available upon request).

 Technical features

Application: Measurement of sugar-sweetened or diet carbonated soft drinks, alcoholic beverages, non-carbonated soft drinks, beer and mineral waters on the process line
Concentration measurement Measurement limits:
0…18.5 Brix for “REGULAR” scale
0…2000 mBrix for “DIET” scale
0…200% for “% STANDARD” display scale.
0.1% of the range, maximum accuracy ±0.01 Brix with variation of ±10 °C (±18 °F) for “REGULAR” scale.
0.15% of the range, maximum accuracy ±0.003 Brix with variation of ±2.5 °C (±4.5 °F) for “DIET” scale.
Measurement scale:
“BRIX”, “DIET” or “% STANDARD”; the “BRIX” scale is based on the nD/Bx ICUMSA conversion tables (1974)
Response time:
<1.0 sec.
Response time to temperature variations: 2’/10 °C (18 °F)
CO2 measurement Measurement limits
0…6 v/v (0…12 g/l)
±0.05 v/v (±0.1 g/l)
Measurement scales
“v/v (Gas/Vol)” o “g/l”
Measurement interval:
3 sec.
Alcohol measurement Measurement limits:
0…13% w/w (0…16.5% v/v)
±0.02 w/w, with CO2 compensation and specific product calibrations
Oxygen measurement Measurement limits:
0…10 ppm
±0.01 ppm
pH measurement Measurement limits:
2…10 pH
±0.05 pH
Product temperature during measuring: -5…+35 °C [23…95 °F].
-5…+90 °C [23…194 °F] for “Regular” scale sugar-sweetened drinks with automatic compensation of sugar concentration by means of Thermometric Probe Pt1000 in AISI 316 3/8″ stainless steel, Class “A” in accordance with IEC751. The maximum limit for the measurement of CO2 is +45 °C (+113 °F).
Relative line pressure:
max. 10 bar (145 psi) at 20 °C (68 °F)