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Pneumatic samplpe punch

Pneumatische Sample Punch

Voor het pneumatisch maken van monsters voor het uitvoeren van diverse testen. Bij downloads kunt u brochures van de verschillende modellen bekijken.


Device description

The punch for preparing samples for Elmendorf, twin folding or bending tests is a robust table device that operates according to the ‘punch & die’ principle. The punching is pneumatic and happens at the touch of a button. To prevent injury a safety guard is attached around the punching unit. Below the punching tool there is a sample drawer, from which the samples can be removed.

Process description

The sheets of material to be punched are pushed into the sample slot of the punch, which is a maximum of 4 mm high for safety. At the simple touch of a button, the punch moves down through the die and punches the sample. This falls into the sample drawer below the punching tool and can then be removed.

• Elmendorf samples acc. to TAPPI 62 x 50 mm
• Elmendorf samples acc. to ISO 63 x 50 mm
• Samples for bending tests 38 x 80 mm
• Samples for twin folding tests 15 x 110 mm