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ParkerPrintSurface (PPS) Tester – Ruwheid

Toestel voor het bepalen van de ruwheid van papier volgens de Parker Print methode. Het toestel is voorzien van een touch screen en is eenvoudig te bedienen. Dit toestel kan als los toestel gebruikt worden maar het kan ook geïntegreerd worden in onze automatische teststraat (PTA-line). Het instrument heeft 1 of 2 meetkoppen, zodat optioneel gelijktijdig de bovenzijde en onderzijde kan worden gemeten.


Applicable standards:
ISO 8791-4
ISO 891-1
BS 6563


• 2 versions available:
– 1 head, test direction: Topside (standard)
– Reverse test direction: Bottomside
• 3 backing pressures selectable: 490, 980, and 1960 kPa


The sturdy and stable device is equipped with industrial PC and touchscreen and is available in three versions: 1 head (top), or 1 head (bottom). The large display indicates single values and statistics.

Test description

The operator places a sample below the measuring head. The measuring head lowers onto the sample after pushing the start button. The bottom platen with backing substrate is lifted and pressed against the measuring head with the preset pressure. Controlled measuring air is admitted to the measuring head and passes from one annular groove, between the sample and the measuring land to the other annular groove. The test takes approx. 5 seconds. The measured value (roughness depth) is displayed in μm after the performed test.


• Selectable contact pressures:
– 490 kPa (only for compressibility tests)
– 980 kPa
– 1960 kPa
• Measuring range: 0.5-8 μm
• Display of results: roughness (=roughness depth) in μm
• Measuring accuracy:
– Pressure differential: ± 0.005 kPa linear
– Flow: ± 0.5 % of the final value
– Accuracy of test duration: ± 0.5 s
• Repeatability: ± 0.2 μm
• Reproducibility: ± 0.4 μm
• Measuring direction (depending on version):
– Topside
– Bottomside
• Touchscreen for easy handling
• Data Outputs: RS232, Parallel Print Port, XML Export, PTA Line Connect

Availabe Models:

S626000001     ModularLine PrintSurf (PPS) Roughness Top side
S626000002     ModularLine PrintSurf (PPS) Roughness Bottom side
S626001002     Soft  Backing Disc   1Stk
S626001003     Hard Backing Disc   1Stk

Technical Data

power supply: 110–230 V, 50–60 Hz
water: no
compressed air 400-600 kPa (4-6bar) filtered
hose 6mm
RS232 Baud rate: 57600
8 Daten-Bits
1 Stopp-Bit
no parity
Ethernet Data export (MQTT)
USB Service / updates
measureing range: 0,5-8µm
result as: roughness  (=depth of roughness) in µm
measureing accuracy ± 1% of shown value
  differentialpressure:      ± 0,005kpa linear
  flow rate:      ± 0,5% of the final value
typical measuring time appx. 4 sec
repeatability: ± 0,2µm
reproducibility: ± 0,4µm
dimensions: (B/T/H) 270 x 590 x 570 mm
weight netto: 53 kg

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