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Stralingsmeter AT1125

Radioactiviteitsmeter / stralingsmeter model AT1125 is een zeer handzaam toestel waarmee zeer snel en nauwkeurig bronnen opgespoord kunnen worden. Deze meter meet daarnaast ook zeer snel en nauwkeurig het stralingsniveau. De snelle NaI detector meet vanaf het achtergrond stralingsniveau al zeer nauwkeurig. Optioneel is deze meter voorzien van een extra GM detector om het meetbereik te vergoten.

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            АТ1125 Scintillator NaI(Tl) Ø25x40mm
            АТ1125A Scintillator NaI(Tl) Ø25x40mm, Integrated Geiger-Muller counter tube
            BDPS-02 End-type Geiger-Muller counter tube
Ambient gamma and X radiation dose rate equivalent measurement range
            АТ1125 30nSv/h … 300µSv/h
            АТ1125A 30µSv/h … 100mSv/h
            BDPS-02 0.1µSv/h … 30mSv/h
Ambient gamma and X radiation dose equivalent measurement range
            АТ1125 10nSv … 10mSv
            АТ1125A 10nSv … 10Sv
            BDPS-02 0.1µSv … 1Sv
Intrinsic relative error limit of dose rate and dose measurement
            АТ1125, АТ1125А ±15%
            BDPS-02 ±20%
Energy range of registered X-ray and gamma radiation
            АТ1125, АТ1125А 50keV … 3MeV
            BDPS-02 20keV … 3MeV
Energy dependence of sensibility
            Energy range from 50keV to 3MeV ±15%
            Energy range from 20keV to 3MeV  (BDPS-02) ±20%
Flux density measurement range
            Alpha particles (BDPS-02) 2.4 … 1·106 particle/(min·cm2)
            Beta particles (BDPS-02) 6 … 1·106 particle/(min·cm2)
Maximum energy range of detected beta particles spectrum
            BDPS-02 155keV … 3.54MeV
            АТ1125, АТ1125А
                        to 137Cs gamma radiation 350 cps/µSv·h-1
                        to 241Am gamma radiation 3800 cps/µSv·h-1
                        to 137Cs gamma radiation 6.6 cps/µSv·h-1
Radionuclide specific activity measurement range using 0.5 litre Marinelli beaker
            With Protection Unit 50 … 105Bq/kg
            W/o Protection Unit 100 … 105 Bq/kg
Intrinsic error of radionuclide specific activity measurement ± 20 %
Count rate measurement range 1 … 105s-1
Natural radiation gamma background (0.1µSv/h) measurement time with ±20% statistical error (Р=0.95) <15s
Detection time of 137Cs source with 10 kBq activity at 5 cm distance <2s
Power supply Internal rechargeable Ni-MH battery or AC power adapter.The accumulator unit is charged from:
a) AC mains, (230 ± 23) V, (50 ± 1.0) Hz;
b) external DC supply, voltage 12 (+2.0; −1.5) V and output current not less than 1.0 A.
Operation mode setup time 1min
Protection class
            AT1125 IP54
            BDPS-02 IP65
Working temperature range -20°C…+50°C
Relative humidity with air temperature ≤35оС without сondensation ≤90%
Overall dimensions, weight
            AT1125, AT1125A 258×85х67 mm, 1.0 kg
            BDPS-02 138x86x60 mm, 0.3 kg
            Protection unit Ø150×155 mm, 10.5 kg