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IMPS-4400 Profiel Vochtmeetsysteem

Profiel vochtmeetsysteem welke gebruikt maakt van een array van RF sensoren om zo het vochtprofiel van plaatmateriaal te meten. Dit systeem wordt veel toegepast bij de productie van gipsplaten om de droger te optimaliseren. Het IMPS-4400 systeem is een belangrijke tool voor productieoptimalisatie en zorgt voor verminderen van productieverlies en energieverbruik en voor het verhogen van de efficiency.


The IMPS-4400 is an Instant Moisture Profiling System (IMPS) that employs an array of 2 inch Radio Frequency Dielectric Sensors used to relate directly to the moisture content of your product. This array can span a wide area allowing up to 128 sensors to measure the true moisture composition of your product.

It is equipped with a powerful set of software tools used for comprehensive data logging and statistical analysis that provides a real-time moisture profile of manufacturing lines having multiple-decks and multiple-products. Optionally, the IMPS-4400 comes with an I/O module that provides moisture data outputs to your Plant Master Control Panel.

The RF Sensor Array provides the source of the Radio Frequency Dielectric Measurement. Each sensor has a 2” resolution (50mm) and can be combined to cover a 256” (6.5m) width. This array acts as a collective moisture profiling measurement isolating each sensor’s measurement to form a consecutive row of multiple moisture sensors. The IMPS-4400 is not a single moisture sensor but a system containing numerous moisture sensors.

The Data Concentrator multiplexes the data received from the RF Sensor Array and combines this high volume of data at a sample rate of 30mS (33 samples per second). Its intelligent design gives the IMPS-4400 the speed to show the true moisture content of your product in real-time.

IMPS-4400 Controller
Perhaps the real power of the IMPS-4400 lies within the IMPS-4400 Controller. Graphical representations of data collected from numerous individual sensors using a Radio Frequency Dielectric Measurement are a powerful combination of technologies. Visualizing moisture profiles from a variety of perspectives with the IMPS-4400 proprietary software takes you from a simple moisture measurement to a better understanding of your production process as a whole.

CONTROLLER / PLC (User Defined)
The IMPS-4400 comes with an I/O option that translates data from the IMPS-4400 Controller to an input in your process control system. These inputs include: 4-20mA, 0-10VDC and 0-5VDC