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ST2200A RF Vochtmeter

De ST2200A vochtmeters zijn gebaseerd op een Radio Frequentie (RF) meetprincipe. In de technische beschrijving die u hieronder kunt downloaden staat dit principe uitgebreid beschreven. Deze vochtmeters worden vooral toegepast bij de productie van gipsplaten. Tevens zijn er toepassing in de productie van andere “board” materialen maar ook in bijvoorbeeld de voedingsmiddelenindustrie met de “sanitaire” versie. Wereldwijd zijn er meer dan 3.000 instrument geïnstalleerd. De ST2200A vochtmeters meten zowel na de droger / oven als in de oven. Hoog temperatuur uitvoeringen zijn hiervoor leverbaar. Het gebruik van de ST2200A vochtmeters zorgt voor een optimale sturing van uw droger waarbij energiegebruik en productieverlies afneemt en het kwaliteitsniveau toeneemt.


The ST-2200A is a continuous Moisture Measurement and Control System specifically designed to integrate into your manufacturing process.  Its Radio Frequency Dielectric Measurement technology allows full penetration of your product giving you an accurate measurement of moisture composition.


Radio Frequency (RF) technology uses a Radio Frequency Dielectric Measurement to analyze the moisture composition of your product. The effect of moisture distribution is greatly minimized due to the RF energy deeply penetrating its target providing an accurate measurement of total moisture.Sensortech’s patented line of RF moisture management technologies use the Radio Frequency Dielectric Measurement and have been the standard of excellence for over 30 years. Many of these sophisticated instruments perform in the harshest environments including temperatures up to 1000°F (537°C). It is not uncommon to find these instruments still in use decades after they have been installed.


Sensortech’s RF Series of moisture measurement and control systems have been applied to many industries throughout the world for over 30 years. Industry demand for these instruments is due, in part, to their ability to exceed performance expectations unavailable with any other technology.
Board Manufacturing
Construction Material
Food Processing
General Manufacturing
Wood Manufacturing


The Radio Frequency Dielectric Measurement technique of moisture measurement deeply penetrates your product. This technique of moisture measurement produces the capability of measuring a diverse range of product types. Products having a relatively consistent level of density are ideally suited for the RF Series of moisture analyzers.
The RF Sensor (Antenna) provides the source of the Radio Frequency Dielectric Measurement using one of over forty adapted housings suited to your specific application.REMOTE ELECTRONICS
A NEMA12 rated metal enclosure contains the moisture measurement and RF switching electronics that is used to collect the signal received from the Application Interface. It is housed separately from the Application Interface allowing the ST-2200A to operate in harsh environments.ATTACHED ELECTRONICS
Particular applications requiring high sensitivity will use an Application Interface housing having an Attached Sensor Electronics enclosure. These Application Interfaces combine the RF Sensor with the Sensor Electronics to form a single component of the ST-2200A.PROCESSOR UNIT
An intelligent measurement and control unit that connects to the Sensor Electronics and provides moisture measurements via serial communication protocols (RS-232 & RS-485), 4-20mA outputs and the front panel LED display.CONTROLLER / PLC (User Defined)
Your existing control system receives the serial communication from the Processor Unit. This communication provides a critical moisture measurement variable that can be used to make appropriate adjustments to your production process.